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A solid metal click pen made to outlast you

No twisting, no uncapping, just a quick click and you’re ready to write. Because these materials create a beautiful patina and get better over time, the copper and brass Click EDC pens will continue to look unique and become a part of your story. 

We’ve paired our custom click mechanism with our signature auto-adjusting collet to seamlessly accept over 100 different refills with no hacks, mods, or fuss. The body of the pen is also adjustable to the size of the refill for an even more versatile writing tool. 

These pens are exactly the same as the Ti Click EDC pens, the only difference is the materials used for the body.

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No "off-the-shelf parts", everything is custom machined one part at a time to make the Click EDC pens more versatile than any other click pen on the market.

Free Shipping On All Orders

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- Accepts more than 100+ time-tested pen cartridges *(See the refill list)*
- Adjustable overall length (based on your refill length)
- Machined from solid metals
- Well balanced design
- Brass alloy / titanium mechanism (100% metal)
- Minimized "tip-wiggle"
- Anti-slip grip design
- Titanium pocket clip (Grade 4 titanium for proper tension)

Intro To Your Click EDC Pen (Also Copper & Brass Click EDC Pens)

Quick Guide To Changing Refills

Easy DIY Pocket Clip

Get comfortable, this is unlike any other refill list you've ever seen.

The list is honestly way to long to list here so please see our excel document.




The refills listed below have been tested, are easy to find, and are extremely affordable. We are still ordering and finding more and more refills that work perfectly with our pen. The list is being updated as we find more that fit.

All brands, logos, and trademarks displayed and/or mentioned are used for informational purposes only and are sole property of each respected company and owner. No endorsement or ownership implied.


- Brass (Yellow Tone)
- Copper (Red Tone)

- 1 Click EDC pen
- 1 Pocket clip tool 
- 1 Pen box
- 1 Instruction card
- 1 Schneider 0.4 mm black gel ink refill
- 4 Spare high-strength o-rings (just in case you ever need them)

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Finally a SOLID Pen

I'm a fountain pen guy largely because I despise the pen wobble that comes with rollerball or ballpoint pens. This is the first pen I've ever used that works wobble-free with any refill I use. I'm so happy Big Idea Design figured this issue out.

The pen itself is fantastic. It's solid, well made, and in just two weeks, the patina is already pretty substantial. About the only thing I'd change is that the grip--which is decent and has a medium circumference--could be improved with just a little bit of knurling (hint hint) to improve grip.

brass click: fabulous EDC pen

love the way the pen feels writing; with heft, with balance and with my choice of refill. thanks, guys.

Brass Click Pen

Simple, brilliant, absolute pleasure to use. Just buy one, and don’t lose it:)


Pen is already starting to develop a patina nicely and I’ve only had it 2 days. Can’t wait to see how it continues to develop.

Great Pen (Brass Click)

I could go on forever buying pens looking for my “perfect” pen. But realistically I don’t know if I will ever find one that tops this one. I love that it accepts a wide selection of refills. Also the clip is removable which is a huge bonus for me. I love the weight of the pen, I feel it is perfect for me but I’ve already received comments on how heavy it is from other family members and friends.

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