NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
NeoLucida XL: a See-Through Camera Lucida
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
NeoLucida XL - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL

NeoLucida XL: a See-Through Camera Lucida

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The NeoLucida is a modern reinterpretation of the camera lucida, a 19th century optical drawing aid. It superimposes an image of your subject onto your paper. You see your pencil and your subject at the same time. Trace what you see!

The NeoLucida XLuses mirror and glass to combine a virtual ghost image of your subject and the real view of your hand.

Setting it up is easy:

• Clamp the NeoLucida XL to a table or sturdy drawing board.

• Bend the adjustable gooseneck so that the viewer is facing your subject and positioned over your paper.

• Look straight down into the viewer to see your page and a ghost image of your subject superimposed.

• Trace what you see!


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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Marquard
Interesting Tool

I found the neolucinda helpful in getting general outlines but not so much with fine details. The detailed work on the included sketches was done without the NL. It is possible, I suspect to get detailed work done with a set up that includes a direct light on the pictures being sketched but I didn’t try it. You’ll need a very well lit space to use the tool regardless. I also had serious difficulty getting anything to scale (to increase the size of the image on the paper being drawn also replicating the same size) it seems to miniaturize everything.

Thanks for the feedback!

Maria Arismendi Wong
I need someone to contact me to return this item please

I do not like the product and would like to return it

Reach out to and we'd be happy to help you out!

Lori Leary
Did not receive, ordered through Prime

I ordered the Neolucida XL on November 28th through Prime. Shopify says it has been delivered, and Amazon says it is late. I have not received it. This is for a gift and I am running out of time. I sent an email this morning and I get a review request in response.

Paul Wood
Cool Tool For My Nephew

Bought a NeoLucida XL for me and one for my 12 year old nephew. I used mine to sketch a pencil with a radical skull head he had given me as a gift and presented him with the cool tool and sketch over takeout Chinese on our back porch. He disappeared after eating. I came in to find him using his NeoLucida XL, sketching the same radical skull head. His mom proclaimed me is godgeek--similar to a godparent but with more cred.

Hi Paul!
That's so awesome! Tell your nephew we said GREAT WORK!! We love stories like this. Take care!

Gordon Hoffman
Great drawing aid

I am a lifelong artist and I enjoy all aspects of drawing. I make models to help making drawing beyond my ability to invent in my mind, but the art part happens before rendering an image, and how it is finished off. So, a lot of drawing isn't creating art, but explains what one is seeing. I have used grids to enlarge pictures. I have an art projector. I use a pencil at arms length to layout a page and get proportions of a landscape like a photo - my eyes are an imperfect camera (but sometimes the distortions are part of the art). I have wanted a Lucida since I first heard about them, so I am proud that you guys figured out how to build a useful Lucida at an affordable price. Many times I have tried to draw a soccer ball, or even a dodecahedron, and the angle shapes are (were) impossible for me to draw - so, with my geodesic dome model, and my Neolucida, I can now draw better some buildings. Plus, the technology is fascinating. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your feedback, Gordon!