PHX-Pen : A Timeless Stainless Steel Pen

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A minimal and weighty stainless steel pen that will outlast us all. It's simply a nice, sleek, pen that fits easily in your pocket.

If you're looking for a well-balanced and solid-feeling writing tool, this is your pen. The weight of the pen helps keep the tip on the paper and makes drawing straight lines easier.

This newly updated version features a removable titanium pocket clip along with the ability to accept more refills than the original version.

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- Full pen length w/cap on: 5.5 IN / 140mm
- Full pen length w/cap off: 5.1 IN / 130mm
- Full pen length w/cap posted on the back: 6.0 IN / 154mm
- Barrel length: 4.53 in (11.5 cm)
- Barrel diameter: 0.39 in (1 cm)

- Complete Pen w/cap: 55 grams (1.94 oz)
- Pen only, w/o the cap posted: 47 grams (1.66 OZ)

Works with the following 2 refills:
- Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Refill 0.38mm (Sku#4548718815890)
- Pilot Hi-Tec-C & G-Tec-C standard refills (all tip sizes & refill colors)
- Rotring Tikky Liner Gel - 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 mm
- Uniball Signo DX Refills (UM-151) (UMR-1) 0.28, 0.38, 0.5 mm
- Uni-ball Signo Needle (UMR-1ND-38) (0.38 mm)
- Uniball Signo Gel Pen (UMR-5)(0.5 mm)
- Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen Refill (UMR-10) 1.0 mm

- 1 stainless steel pen body & cap
- 1 Titanium pocket clip
- 1 Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm black refill
- 1 threaded “coin-screw” back plug (so you can post the cap on the back)
- 1 plain “coin-screw” back plug
- 1 high-quality felt carrying sleeve
- Free worldwide shipping!!

3rd party review

The Clicky Post - "The design of this pen is about as minimalist as you can get...Some may find the simplicity boring, while others find it as beautifully plain; precise and efficient in looks and purpose."

CoolMaterial - "Their products are elegant, functional, downright pleasurable to use and most importantly, consistently delivered on time."

Customer Reviews

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I am very happy with the PHX Pen. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great drawing pen.

Love it

Feels substantial in the hand and we'll balanced


Outstanding product.

Looks tough and I like using it. But with the cap on, it's a...

Looks tough and I like using it. But with the cap on, it's a bit hard to write with. Still a cool product though.

If you like the look of this pen (and it looks great!) and...

If you like the look of this pen (and it looks great!) and consider buying one, be aware this is not nifty plastic, aluminium or titanium, this is good old stainless STEEL and it's HEAVY.
It's well balanced, that helps, but you should like HEAVY pens if you want this one. It may not be for everybody, but i love it!

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