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A titanium click pen in a league of it's own

The Ti Click EDC is the most adjustable and refill friendly click pen on the market. No twisting, no uncapping, just a quick click and you’re ready to write. The Ti Click EDC is our take on the classic retractable pen with some serious upgrades. To extend the writing tip/refill, there’s a custom designed titanium and brass alloy click mechanism that’s built for the long haul.

We’ve paired our custom click mechanism with our signature auto-adjusting collet to seamlessly accept over 100 different refills with no hacks, mods, or fuss. The body of the pen is also adjustable to the size of the refill for an even more versatile writing tool.

Click out the "Videos" tab below to see a demo / instructions. 

USA & INTL Patents-Pending.

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No "off-the-shelf parts" here, everything is custom machined one part at a time to make the Ti Click EDC pens more versatile than any other click pen on the market.

- Accepts more than 100+ time-tested pen cartridges *(See the refill list)*
- Adjustable overall length (based on your refill length)
- Machined from solid titanium alloy (Grade 5)
- Well balanced design
- Brass alloy / titanium mechanism (100% metal)
- Minimized "tip-wiggle"
- Anti-slip grip design
- Titanium pocket clip (Grade 4 titanium for proper tension)

Ti Click EDC Video

Intro To Your Ti Click EDC

Quick Guide To Changing Refills

Easy DIY Pocket Clip

Get comfortable, this is unlike any other refill list you've ever seen.

The list is honestly way to long to list here so please see our excel document.




The refills listed below have been tested, are easy to find, and are extremely affordable. We are still ordering and finding more and more refills that work perfectly with our pen. The list is being updated as we find more that fit.

All brands, logos, and trademarks displayed and/or mentioned are used for informational purposes only and are sole property of each respected company and owner. No endorsement or ownership implied.


- Stonewashed (Tumbled in ceramic media)
- Midnight Black (DLC double-coated)
- Machined Raw (uncoated natural finish)

- 1 Ti Click EDC pen
- 1 Pocket clip tool 
- 1 Pen box
- 1 Instruction card
- 1 Schneider 0.4 mm black gel ink refill
- 4 Spare high-strength o-rings (just in case you ever need them)

BeastMade Reviews - Ti Arto EDC & Ti Click EDC

Customer Reviews

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Frankie Fazzino
Super Fast 2 Day Shipping ✍️

Ordered EDC Click Pen at 8:28pm Thursday. It arrived in Mailbox 11:09am Saturday. Less than 48 hours. Looked at competitors, seriously liked one, then found out the Competitor had a lot of junk plastic inside their cheap edc pens. This one however from BigiDesign, is your real deal. A Pen Addict, am going to have fun with this. The ink that comes with it, writes very well actually. The click is not loud, it's more like a Smooth Criminal Click. Click response is as fast as you can click, very responsive. Clicker has ZERO SCRATCH. Pen weight is great. Watched many reviews, read many reviews, all over the internet. Was on the fence a few days before buying. I did my homework before buying. Feel like this is a great purchase, well researched and happy to get it at it's current price from the Company. Solid deal. BigiDesign has a YouTube Channel with Playlist so you can watch Pens being made in one of their Videos. It's pretty badass. Would definitely buy again. - Real Blue Collar Person, Chocowinity NC 27817

Fantastic product!

I've been using this pen for over a month now and I can honestly say I am extremely happy with it. The titanium finish makes it light but strong and durable. I really like that the clip is firm and sits on my combat vest flush and doesn't move at all. This will be the last pen I ever need to buy!

Kevin Pham
Perfect pen!

This is the best pen I’ve owned. Beautiful craftsmanship! The best feature is it’s ability to use all types of ink refills. One pen for ALL types of cartridges!! Perfect pen!

Ben Baerg
Love it!!

Such a great pen, I love how it clicks slightly so I can fidget with it and Noth bother people around me. A huge plus not having to worry about finding a refill that fits. Can't wait to see more! Patiently waiting for a mechanical pencil by Big Idea! 💡

Mahmoud Alamsi

love it

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