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Works with over 35 "parker-style" ballpoint refills. No Hacks, no mods, no fuss.

This is a well-balanced and sturdy titanium ballpoint pen that accepts over 35 different ballpoint refills. It's truly a timeless, no-fuss pen that is not only the perfect size, but you can pass down for many generations to come.

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- Made from TA2 Titanium
- Improved cap posting & balance
- Comes with a fisher space pen refill installed
- Accepts more than 35 time-tested pen cartridges *(See list)*
- Conductive silicone stylus tip
- Titanium pocket clip
- Sturdy titanium threads
- Screw-on flat back plug included
- Scratch resistant raw machined finish
- 3 anti-slip finger grooves
- Every pen comes with a high-quality felt pen sleeve

Works with "parker-style" refills
The ballpoint refills listed below have been tested, are easy to find, and extremely affordable. We update the list as we find more.

Pen Name/ Refill Name
•Faber-Castell Ballpoint Pen Refill (Parker Style Medium & Bold tip)
•Fisher Space Pen Refill (#PR4 with plastic adapter)
•Foray Gel Ink Refill (For Parker Ballpoint Pens)
•Moleskine Roller Pen Gel Ink Refill 0.5mm
•Monteverde Ballpoint Refill (For Parker Style Ballpoint Pens)
•Monteverde P42 Ceramic Gel Capless Refill (For Parker Style Ballpoint Pens)
•Monteverde Soft Roll P13 Ballpoint Pen Refill
•Monteverde Soft Roll P15 Super Broad Refill
•OHTO Needlepoint Ballpoint Pen Refill (P80-07NP)
•OHTO Extra-Fine 0.5mm Ballpoint Pen Refill (PS-205NP)
•Parafernalia Ballpoint Pen Refill
•Parker Ballpoint Pen Refill (Broad)
•Parker Gel Ink Quink Refills (Medium)
•Parker Quinkflow Ballpoint Pen Refill (Fine)
•Parker Quinkflow Ballpoint Pen Refill (Medium)
•Pelikan Giant Ballpoint Pen Refill 337 (Broad)
•Pelikan Giant Ballpoint Pen Refill 337 (Fine)
•Pelikan Giant Ballpoint Pen Refill 337 (Medium)
•Penatia Ballpoint Pen (Medium)
•Pentel Ballpoint Pen Refill (KFLT8)
•Schmidt 9000M EasyFlow Pen Refill
•Schmidt P8900 Super Bowl Refill (Fine)
•Schmidt P900 B Ballpoint Pen Refill (Broad)
•Schmidt P900 F Ballpoint Pen Refill (Fine)
•Schmidt P900 M Ballpoint Pen Refill (Medium)
•Schmidt P950 Megaline Pressurized Ballpoint Pen Refill (Medium)
•Schneider Express 735 Pen Refill (Broad)
•Schneider Express 735 Pen Refill (Fine)
•Schneider Express 735 Pen Refill (Medium)
•Schneider Slider 755 Pen Refill Hybrid Ink (Extra-Broad)
•Schneider Slider 755 Pen Refill ViscoGlide Ink (Medium)
•Sheaffer T Ballpoint Refill
•Stabilo Ballpoint Refill
•Tombow BR-ZLM Ballpoint Pen Refill
•Visconti Ballpoint Pen Refill (AA49 1.4 Broad)
•Visconti Gel Refill AA38B 1.0 Broad
•Visconti Gel Refill AA38F 0.5 Fine
•Visconti Gel Refill AA38M 0.7 Medium
•Yafa Gel Refills to fit Parker Ballpoint Pens

(The listed refills above are sometimes re-named or re-numbered in different parts of the world by pen refill companies. We can’t list every possible name change so we suggest you use the info above if your country/region calls the pens/refills something else.)

All brands, logos, and trademarks displayed and/or mentioned are used for informational purposes only and are sole property of each respected company and owner. No endorsement or ownership implied.

- Bead-Blasted Matte Black
- Machined Raw (Natural Titanium Finish)

Every Pen Comes With:
- 1 Stylus Tip For Touchscreen Devices
- 1 Flat “Coin-Screw” Flat Back Plug
- 1 Fisher Space Pen Refill 0.7mm Black Installed
- 1 Protective Micro-Fiber Black Felt Sleeve

What's the difference between this pen and the full sized pens?
This ballpoint pen accepts "parker-style" ballpoint refills and the full sized versions take "rollerball" refills. So due to the shorter refill size of the ballpoint refill, this pen is a tab shorter than the full sized pens.

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