NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL

NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida

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The NeoLucida is a portable camera lucida: an optical drawing aid that allows you to trace what you see. Based on century-old designs but comprehensively redesigned for the 21st century, the NeoLucida is perfect for artists, scientists, designers, or hobbyists-anyone who wants to draw.

Originally patented in 1807, by the 1830s camera lucidas were everywhere. Fine artists, scientists, naturalists, explorers, archeologists, architects-all used the camera lucida for drawing in the days before photography.

Our design is lightweight (7oz., or 199 g), sturdy, compact enough to fit in a handbag, highly adjustable, totally non-electronic, and effective in all lighting conditions. If you enjoy drawing from life, or if you're interested in experiencing for yourself how the Old Masters could possibly have created such accurate, lifelike drawings-then the NeoLucida is for you.

Designed in Chicago & Pittsburgh, USA by Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin.
Crowdfunded through Kickstarter.

Officially licensed item from NeoLucida,LLC

Manufactured in partnership with Big Idea Design, LLC.
NeoLucida™ is a registered trademark of NeoLucida, LLC.
For ages 9+.

What's in the box

• 1 NeoLucida (Works for both right & left handed artist)

• 1 Carrying pouch

• 1 Set of instructions


Need Help?

Instructions + Video Demos and Detailed written instructions & FAQ's can be found on the NeoLucida website.

Review videos

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Customer Reviews

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Attila Dezsi

NeoLucida : The 21st Century Camera Lucida

Thanks for the review! Reach out to if you ever need anything!

Henrik Søllner
Works as advertised

The NeoLucida does exactly what is said about it.
It does, however, take some getting used to and some fine-tuning to get proper results. The field of view is very small and it is a bit finicky to work with. You need to adjust it right in the first place because adjusting it during the process of drawing is not possible without having to start over.
But again, this is not by any means the fault of Big Idea Design LLC as it is simply how the device works. If a slightly larger field of vision was possible, however, it would be pleasant. I know there's a much larger model, but it might be possible to design an in-between NeoLucida design where the prisms are simply a bit larger. It might be worth exploring at least.

Vasco Pimenta
Do NOT buy this product.

The prism is so small as to be impossible to peer through it. Completely useless. If you must buy it, I suggest forking the extra cash and going for the NeoLucida XL version which is under development (it seems to be an improvement in order to solve precisely this shortcoming, but I have not seen nor used it). Sent e-mail discussing refund/upgrade options, which was utterly ignored. Do not recommend at all, and feel scammed by the lack of reply in order to try to solve the customer's problem.

Edit: I have not received any response to the e-mail sent, spam folder included. Nevertheless, I acknowledge the answer below and the willingness to provide a refund. Updated the review from one to two stars accordingly. Will ship back shortly.

Thanks for the feedback Vasco! We did respond to your first email on 10/17/22, but it may have ended up in your junk folder. We'd be happy to issue a refund for you. Just ship it back to the address below. Thanks!

ATTN: Return #122143
Big Idea Design
3712 Ringgold Rd. #136
Chattanooga, TN 37412
United States

Anders Apolinario Nord
Quite disappointed actually. Inferior design.

When I ordered it, I was expecting it to use the original principle of total internal reflection in a 5-sided prism. Turns out they made a simpler 3-sided prism with a reflective coating on one side. A consequence of this design is that the light from your subject is refracted twice, each time at an angle, resulting in a great loss of light from the subject.
The cheap manufacturing of the prism makes it even worse as the finish of the glass surface is a bit hazy. The end result is a low light, low contrast image of the subject.
So in order for it to be practical, you basically need a spotlight aimed right on the subject, and no other light sources in the room, or you won't be able to make out any fine detail.

It works with the proper setup, but don't expect to be able to draw sprawling landscapes or anything outdoors. Maybe if you're looking out the window at a sunlit tree. With some added optics of course, because it doesn't come with any of the lenses the 19th century version used. Without the proper optics, you're pretty much bound to drawing small subjects on the table right in front of you.

Thanks for the feedback! Reach out to if you ever need anything!

Boglarka ZAMBO
So much fun

I ordered the NeoLucida for my husband who likes to draw specific objects for his projects. He really enjoys using it, so much fun! There is also detailed description how to use it properly, so overall we are very satisfied. The order and shipping went smoothly too. Thank you!