TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool
TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool
TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool
TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool
TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool
TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL

TPT Slide : Titanium Pocket Tool

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A stronger, faster, and more intuitive sequel

We took our popular TPT (Titanium Pocket Tool) and cranked it up a notch. This TSA-friendly tool packs in a ton of convenient features in a lightweight and portable package.

On the new version, we’ve made the body 25% thicker for strength, and added a slide lever at the top for quick and easy access to the insert. It’s now even easier to carry, thanks to the removable pocket clip. All of this is in addition to the the tools on the original TPT.

USA Patent No.: D869,930

International Patent No.: 2018301534630



• One-Handed Operation
• Removable Pocket Clip
• Bottle Opener
• Flat Head Screwdriver
• Wide Flat Head Screwdriver
• Internal Magnet
• 1/4" (6mm) Hex Bit Opening
• Measurement Cues
• Mini Pry Bar
• Scraper Edge
• Stainless Steel Insert "Dual Function"
• 550 Paracord Lanyard / Key Ring Opening
• Accepts Standard Utility Razor Blades (not included)
• Universal Wrench Design (15 Socket Sizes)
  -SAE 15/64, 1/4, 17/64, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16 in.
  -Metric 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 mm


• Grade 5 Titanium Alloy (6AL4V)
• Stainless Steel (Insert Fork/Blade)
•#304 18/8 Stainless Steel (Torx Screws)
• 550 Paracord Lanyard

Specs & Weight

3 in. (7.5cm) Long
1 in. (2.5cm) High/Tall
0.20 in. (5mm) Thick w/o clip
0.38 in. (9mm) Thick w/ clip
1.0 oz (28 grams) Weight


(1) TPT Slide Titanium Pocket Tool
(2) Stainless Steel Inserts (Natural & Black Anodized)
(1) 550 Paracord Lanyard
(1) Leather Sheath
(1) Instruction Sheet


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Customer Reviews

Based on 347 reviews
Caroline Sanderson
Versalite, light with multi-uses

I originally purchased the TPT which I liked but didn't love as never could use that one, one handed. The TPT slide is a different story. Very easy to use & so many uses for such a tiny tool. I tend to keep mine in the sleeve so have removed the pocket clip but it's a useful addition to have if I ever want to add it back on. My only issue with this version over the original is the difficulty in changing the blade. Was very simple with the original but even after watching the videos, I just couldn't do it without pulling it apart. Not a huge thing but annoying for those times when you want to change the blade around in a hurry. I may be the only person who thinks the fork end is an awesome addition. I always forget stuff like that when I'm out on the bike for the day so this was actually a selling point for me. My only issue is, I would have to unscrew it to do that which detracts from how great everything else about this product is. I've still given 5 stars as this may well be more a user issue than a design issue plus I know the customer service at Big I is great so will give it another go & if I have no success will contact the team. By the way my original TPT now stays in my car as a backup so I always have one with me but if you are trying to decide, I personally would go the newer version.

Must have

Must have edc tool

Lewis Mealing
Be warned there's basically no way to quickly & safely change the blades

If you head on over to their YouTube video on how to change the inserts you'll see countless comments pointing out the same issue I had - that grabbing a sharp blade and twisting it hard enough to bend the titanium, all while also trying to squeeze the little slider onto an internal ramp is insane. It's bizzare to see them replying to all the commenters saying they've cut themselvse while trying to do this, saying that they totally made it that way on purpose, that you wouldn't want your blades falling out now, would you? As if those are the only 2 options; bending utility blades hard enough to hurt your fingers or the blades falling out.
The other big issues I have is the blades rub against the bottom of the slide, blunting them pretty much instantly. I thought I must have put an old one in by mistake, so I just put one straight from the box into it. I opened and closed it for maybe 30 seconds and the blade was already so blunt I can comfortably run it across my fingers.

I bought 1on a whim as I was ordering a pen for a Christmas pressent, so I guess it's my own fault for not doing more research.

Hi there Lewis,
Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to see your TPT Slide isn't working out. We are happy to help with an exchange or refund. All of our pens and tools are covered under a lifetime warranty so you can reach out any time for repairs or spare parts free of charge. You can reach us at Take care!

David DiRado Jr
Awesome little knife

Coming from a sebenza and pm2 this little knife is great. No sharpening. Quick to deploy. Worth it.

Ariel Hii
Good product but bad for service

I use my TPT slide daily, so regular self service is needed but the so called titanium screw really not that I press, lost its shape, and now my slide is totally not able to be serviced by own again

Hey Ariel! I believe we've responded through email now, but if you ever need new screws, you can reach out to us at Thanks!