Nice things folks are saying

"Their products are elegant, functional, downright pleasurable to use and most importantly, consistently delivered on time." -Cool Material

"The construction quality and attention to detail are top notch." -The Pen Addict

"The Hub would make an essential addition to anyone’s tech accessory arsenal." -Trendhunter

"A very nice example of successful Industrial Design aesthetic execution." -Carryology

"One thing’s for sure. You can expect to be seeing these pens around on a pen nerd’s desk near you." -Gear Patrol

"…an innovative and cool new product." -bltd

"The Hub is among the more thoughtfully-designed cord management systems we’ve seen." -Core77

"Most premium pens are overpriced and hacking their refills to fit your cheapo Bic isn’t exactly a good solution. This Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus, on the other hand, is."-Uncrate