Bit Bar - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
Bit Bar - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
Bit Bar - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
Bit Bar - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
Bit Bar - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
Bit Bar - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
Bit Bar - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
Bit Bar - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL
Bit Bar - Big Idea Design LLC - INTL

Bit Bar

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Made out of grade 5 TITANIUM:
•Stonewashed Titanium (Ceramic Media Tumbled)
•Battle-Worn Black (DLC Coating)

What's Included
• 1 Bit Bar
• 8 Black Oxide Bits
• 1 60mm Extension
• 1 Leather Case

A pocket-friendly screwdriver

It’s not often that you can say you’ve got a screwdriver and entire bit set tucked away comfortably in your pocket. The Bit Bar™ is a combination bit driver and holder with the ability to conveniently store and access 8 different bits.

In the box, you’ll also get an extension that makes it easier to get into tight spaces. To get at the bits inside, simply push on the exposed bar and the bits will protrude out of the opposite end. Each is held firmly in place by a magnet, so they’ll stay put while in your pocket.

The Bit Bar™ features a full-sized handle, is TSA compliant, and is available in an ultralight fiberglass reinforced nylon, or titanium (stonewashed or battle-worn Black DLC).

USA Patent No.: 10486298

International Patent No.: ZL201730042046.4

The FIBERGLASS REINFORCED NYLON version is discounted.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Julian Janssen
Practical tool

It works well as described for the weight and form factor and the finish looks great. I'd give five stars but the extension bar that was included arrived with the shank installed backwards. It's impossible to use as the socket where bits are installed is completely circular. I've replaced it with my own and its part of my daily kit.

Richard Kappele
Wonderful screwdriver

The Bit Bar is a great little screwdriver! Pocket screwdrivers have one main problem: bits. Some have two or three bits, others have several mini bits rattling around in them, and still others require carrying separate bit packs.
The Bit Bar solves this problem for me. It holds eight 1” long 1/4” bits to cover a lot of bases. Personally, I have three torx bits to cover most of my pocket knives, two Phillips, and three slotted. The bits are in the screwdriver (not rattling around), organized, easily accessible, and the Bit Bar is compact and easily carried in a pocket.

Now, some simple tricks and notes:
1. To slide the bits out: I put my fingers on the pocket clip and push the bar with my thumb.
2. To remove a bit: I raise the bits, pinch the bit I want, and lower the bit bar leaving the bit free.
3. Use bits that have a tall shoulder. Some 1/4” bits have a shorter 1/4” section and put color bands and such on them. Lower shoulder bits can jam the movement of the bar.

Paul G

The different heads for the Bitbar cover all my daily needs in a tough pocketable package. If I find I need a specialized bit for my needs, I can easily swap a bit out. Highly recommended!

Stephen Nicely
Got mine as a Christmas gift, got a few suggestions.

I am a computer technology director, and have built and repaired so many computers in my career, I could not count them. I have also been on the outlook for every type of multi screwdriver tool out their. Was excited to get this one, and it is perhaps the most expensive one I ever owned. However, two things I don't like. The sheath, and the extra BIT extension all by itself. I have a plastic multitool, with the extension added into the case, can be pulled out, and added to the bit slot for the extension when needed. Don't need the extension, great, but its all ONE UNIT, and I can put it into my pocket, or clip it to my belt if I wish. To carry the extension on yours, I have to use the sheath. Wish the extension was also included into the titanium holder like the other bits. HOW---The extension is not as long as the "lever" used to expose the bits. However, the "lever" used to expose the bits is not quite wide enough to allow the bit holder to go inside with it. Make the lever hole wide enough, and add a place for the bit extension to rest on the "lever" for the bits.


Love this thing. You never know when you’ll need a bit just out in the wild.