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Bit Bar Inline
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Bit Bar Inline

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This is a fully custom designed solid titanium screwdriver with 3 useful configurations + hex bit storage for what you use most. It's a straight forward, no fuss and all function tool that gets the job done and sits comfortably in your pocket.

Patent Pending Design


Bringing all of these details below together is what make it special.

• Solid Grade 5 Titanium Alloy

• Grade 4 Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip

• Rare-Earth Magnets (to keep the bits and shaft secure)

• 3 Bits & Magnetic Storage Shaft (w/spring loaded ball bearing)

• 100% Metal Construction (no plastic parts)

No Proprietary Bits, Use The Bits You Already Own

We know you already own a bazillion standard 1/4" hex bits and that your perfect 3 bits to EDC are different from ours. So feel free to swap them out/customize the 3 hex bits with the ones you own and build your ultimate pocket screwdriver.

What's Included?

• Bit Bar Inline Screwdriver (Stonewashed finish only)

• (3) S2 Steel Hex Bits (#2 Phillips / T8 Torx / 1/4" Flathead)


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No red-tape, no run-arounds, just good ol' fashioned service.

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Here you get the best deal possible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Steven Darling
Best tool i have hands down

I backed this project on kickstarter and have used it every day since i got it. I have so much to say toward the positive about it but keep it short. Get one. You wont regret it.

Chinese trickery

I bought one of these from the international warehouse. It took about two weeks to arrive, and was delivered yesterday. I really liked the entire "idea" of this tool, being a titanium ¼" hex drive pen. The only complaint I have about the design is when it's in the "T" or "L" shape, it's very unstable on the side-to-side left/right movement. The quality itself is very good. The price is steep given the small amount of titanium, and where it was made. Reasonably, this should be over $75.

My issue with it being made in China was it was very hard to determine that when no one mentioned it on YouTube, and nowhere on this website. Almost as if the manufacturer is ashamed, and is too cowardly to let us know. It's also true I wouldn't have bought it, because I already pay enough Communist taxes in this country. I don't want to be responsible for funding China's military, which they clearly intend to use against us. If you want to sell out and make your product with cheap child labor, there's always Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam (which poses very little threat to the US.) At least actual tool companies like Snap-On, Craftsman, Milwaukee, Estwing, and other older brands have the balls to tell me when they're stabbing American craftsman in the back.

Hey there Aaron! We in no way hide the fact that our company was founded in China. Now, we work with tons of folks all around the world. It's very much a global effort. And we absolutely do not and have never used 'cheap child labor.' You can read all about our story using the link below that takes you to the About Section on our website, guess you missed that section when you looked all around it. If you are this unhappy with your item, you're more than welcome to reach out to us at and we can help you out with a return.


Our Story:

Cool design, but for light duty.

Received as a gift. The design is cool, and I’m sure it’s great for little house chores, but I mistakenly thought it could handle actual work, and the edges of the l-shape hole rolled upon first attempted use. I went out of my way to go get an Allen wrench instead, because I felt I’d break the tool. So for the strait position, it’s good, but for the L-shape or T-shape, not so much.

Bit Bar

Great party till I start using it the first day to fix stuff. It just fits in the pocket not bulky and just the right size.

Ari Solomon
I carry this with me everywhere

I’ve had the bit bar online in my pocket every single day since it arrived. I use it all the time as a Philips head screwdriver. My 15 month old also loves to open and close it. Couldn’t recommend it enough.