Ti Daily Solar 2023
Ti Daily Solar 2023
Ti Daily Solar 2023
Ti Daily Solar 2023
Ti Daily Solar 2023
Ti Daily Solar 2023
Ti Daily Solar 2023
Ti Daily Solar 2023
Ti Daily Solar 2023

Ti Daily Solar 2023

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We wanted to introduce a quality timepiece that was at an attainable price point. A simple/clean design that would fit in no matter the situation, but be durable enough to stand up to all your daily tasks. Sapphire crystal covers the Epson VS42 solar movement. Date window and a beveled chapter ring bring dimension to the face. Whether this is your first watch, or your 50th, this would be a great daily companion! 

Why Solar?
Its Eco-Friendly, its purely powered by natural and artificial light. No batteries to replace. Even left in the dark, the reserve battery will last up to 6 months. They are extremely accurate. Similar to traditional quartz movements but powered by light instead of a traditional battery. All this makes a solar watch perfect for EDC!

The Ti Daily Solar 2023 is a limited run of 300 pieces. 

Key Features

•38mm Case

•11mm Case Thickness
•44mm Lug to Lug

•25.4cm End to End

•Weight: 1.6oz (1.2oz without Strap)
•Full Titanium Case
•Epson VS42 Solar Movement
•Sapphire Crystal
•Date Window
•Timer Bezel
•100M Water Resistance Rating
•Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9
•20mm Strap
•(2) Two Piece Canvas Straps w/ Titanium Hardware (Black and Grey)
•Wooden Display Box


Designed by BIG IDEA DESIGN and made in collaboration with RZE Watches 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Guillaume Bouchard

I really love this watch. Well build, solid and super lightweight.

Lance Lowe
Ti Daily #52/300 first impressions

This is going to be a long-term keeper. I received the watch today it has exceeded my expectations. First, the size and finishing are excellent, and I found that the second hand is hitting all its markers. If you look at the watch from certain angles, you can see a cross. In my opinion, this gives it character.
As this is a light watch, I swapped the watch strap out for my favourite blue carbon fibre link band.

Thank you so much for your feedback, Lance!

Juan Montes
Ti EDC set up

Love that watch super comfy, good quality 👍 ... thanks Bigidesing

Sean F.
Ti Daily #70/300 - Decent watch with some flaws

This watch is overall a good value in my mind, even with the few complaints I have about it.

1. As others have said, there is a "+" or "cross" on the dial, which can be seen if the light hits it just right or if you look at it from an angle. I'm assuming this is due to the solar panel, so this is the most minimal complaint, as I honestly don't hate seeing it. It just is a little odd to see, as I do have other solar watches which don't have this issue.

2. The hands are just so cheap and flimsy looking. They honestly look like something you would find on a $25 watch from some big store like Walmart, they could have easily done better on the hands, in my opinion. Doesnt hurt the functionality in any way, but it does make the overall face look cheaper due to it.

3. My seconds-hand lands in between the markers through the entire watch face. This is beyond annoying and should not be happening on a watch of this price.

4. The watch bands did not come with quick-release pins. Quick-release pins would have been a much smarter choice for this since it comes with two straps. Without a tool to remove them, you basically are stuck with the strap it comes on, which for me was the gray one. The tools needed to swap straps are very cheap and can be bought at tons of places online, but there should honestly not be a need to buy one for this in the first place. Its 2023, much cheaper watches come with quick-release pins on their bands quite often now.

5. This is the biggest complaint I have, which likely is nothing to do with Big I, my watch is running several seconds fast every day. This is out of the spec/tolerance for this watch movement/caliber/module. It should be running +/-20-30 seconds a month, but mine is easily running +7-8 a day. Not the end of the world but for a solar quartz movement it is quite annoying.

Trevor Howard
Good not Great B+

I love the design of the watch face and layout of numbers. The case had a handsome titanium glean that looks exactly as it does in the photos. At a distance this is an A+ watch worth the $250. However, as soon as you take a closer look at the movement and the watch face background there are flaws that make this four stars for me.

In the right lighting you can see a "cross hair" type pattern from what I assume to be the "solar panel" face that takes in light. It is not normally visible, but with the right angle of light (see photo) the eye can catch it.

That would be a 4.5/5 if it was just that, but the movement itself (second hand) seems to gyrate each second from 25sec to 40sec. That makes it feel cheap.

To be fair, there are only 300 of these and mine is number 58, so it could be just mine, but that doesn't take away from the possiblity that others might experience the same quality.

Overall, this watch is a major step up from my Casio F-105w and will continue to wear this every day because I love the style and design.