Leather Pen Sleeve
Leather Pen Sleeve
Leather Pen Sleeve
Leather Pen Sleeve
Leather Pen Sleeve

Leather Pen Sleeve

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These pen leather sleeves are made from real leather, they are comfortable to carry and look great.

Full size sleeve is compatible with:

•Bolt Action Pen

•Click EDC Pen

•Pocket Pro Pen

Mini size sleeve is compatible with:

•Mini Bolt Action Pen

•Mini Pen

•Mini Click EDC Pen

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Justin Lee
Pen sleeve

I like the pen sleeve because it protects my from other object in my pocket. I also like the color of the leather. Some suggestions on a different variation to also offer would be one without a lanyard. Designing a sleeve to fit the pen as this one does that but, make it to cover the entire pen and not stitch the leather all the way up to the top, that way you can peel the top portion of leather down to expose the top of the pen to pull it out for writing. Just a suggestion for another variation. Overall, though I like the pen sleeve. Thank you.

Daniel Roddy
Fits Klein scissors (2100-9) perfectly.

I can now carry the Klein scissors (2100-9) conveniently in my pocket.

(The pic on top is the older BigIDesign sheath for the bit carrier. They no longer make that one…)

Charles Mims
It's good! I use it daily!

I wasn't sure I'd need it, but it works out really nicely for both the EDC fountain pen and the thin bolt pen. It not only provides some protection for the pen, it also helps hold it in place in the pages of my journal. Side note, titanium pen is tough anyway. I've dropped it a few times on concrete without denting that I can feel. The Ti slim bolt did mark up against my keys though, so now I use the leather in my pocket.

Jim G
Adjustable Pen

Cool one - already bought 2 different cartridges for it - I bought the little carry case for it also. I really enjoy it - only wish it was a little larger in diameter but it still feels good in the hand


I was expecting a pen that sits well in the hand. The weight is good. The tip portion leaves much to be desired. Tip seems to get lost in the oversized opening. There is no taper at all. The pen comes to an abrupt end with a pen tip sticking out. The cartridge, doesn’t flow well and requires re-writing. I was excited when it arrived, but was let down when I used the pen. I also ordered the leather pen sleeve. That, I liked. Good quality leather and presents nicely.