Ti Ultra Pen

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Create your perfect writing experience

The unique 3-in-1 design provides freedom for you to explore, experiment, and has the flexibility to transform from a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, or rollerball pen in seconds. No hacks, no spacers, no complicated setup...it simply works with virtually any refill/ink you can toss inside to provide the most customizable and flexible writing experience we've designed yet. 


 Works With 750+ Ballpoint & Rollerball Refills

We are known for making pens are compatible with more refills than any other brand, it's kind of our thing. With so many great refills on the market, we don't see the point in locking you into using only one if we can engineer a way for them all to fit perfectly inside without any hacks, modifications, or spacers. 

So, that's exactly what we did...we spent the time and effort to make it possible for over 750+ refills from major manufactures all fit like they were custom designed to be the star. 

  >>Click<< to see the list of 750+ compatible refills. 

All About The Ink

Arguably, what ink or refill you have inside your pen plays a huge factor in providing a pleasant writing experience for you. There seems to be an endless sea of options on the market and being able to experiment and find your perfect setup or switch back and forth as needed has never been easier. 

Professional Review

Check out the full, (3rd party) expert review on the pen over at The Pen Addict.

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