Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen
Mini Click Pen

Mini Click Pen

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Mini click pens are super compact and great for quick notes and signatures throughout your day. Never in the way, simply there when you need it.


Accepts D1 Type Refills

Solid Metal Construction


Length - 3.81in / 9.7cm

Diameter - 0.35in / 0.9cm

Titanium Pen Weight - 0.7oz/20grams (with refill)

Brass & Copper Pen Weight - 1.1oz/32grams (with refill)

These pens accepts many different D1 Style Refills that are to find and swap out. Yes, they also work with the ever popular Hi Tec - C Slims and the Fisher Space Pen Universal Ball Point Refill Pressurized series refills also fit if you ever need to write in space or upside down in a river.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Cyrus Kemp
A gift from a friend

I carry it in my wallet for singing receipts when I get my credit card out. Great pen, I ordered some U4F - BLACK INK FINE POINT FISHER REFILLS which last for 1200 feet, which should last me for years.

Joseph B.
Great Size, but Finish Doesn’t Last

Had the pen for about 3 days now. I love the ultra compact size and how it just disappears in my pocket! However, from just light use and everyday carry, the black finish has already begun to wear off around the end, I’m guessing from the rubbing of denim jeans pockets. Great product, but the finish is definitely not durable

Troy Vines

This pen is mini. Goes right along with a minimalist idea. Very lightweight, comes with refills. Can't go wrong here!

Tom Fox

I first received the full size copper click and it's insanely over the top engineering, I absolutely love it, then I ordered 3 pocket version's 2 to give to someone who would value these incredible pens. There is somewhat of a weird connection you will have, maybe, to the copper odor from these as you use them, I can't actually explain but may someone else will notice. These pocket pens may not be for a person with large hands but are very efficient to carry clipped just inside of your pockets, which inevitably end up being washed, so will it survive that, I will soon find out. For the price? I personally don't believe you will find a better thought out click pen with all the extra parts and "IDEAS" that in this package ever. The price could be twice this much, but please don't tell these engineers, Buy a few at a time people will pay more eventually. If you read this far, I'm sorry for taking up your time, and Thank you, everyone.

Spencer Churchill
Petition to rename EDC to MCP

The Mini Click Pen (MCP) is the best EDC pen I’ve ever used.
1) I can fidget click it practically silently
2) For once, I’m worried about my textbooks getting damaged, not the pen 😂

In all honesty, the quality of this pen surpasses all expectations for a $60 pen... Because of its small size, you get the quality of a very expensive pen at a third of the size (and price)!