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Quick fixes on the go are a breeze

These minimally design bit drivers fit in perfectly with your keychain setup. They’re made from grade 5 titanium for durability and lightness, and sized just right so that they go unnoticed amongst your keys. The bits work very well for their size, and that’s due to the key ring itself being part of the tool. Simply rotate either the Philips or flat head side out, and use the key ring for torque to quickly and easily tighten or remove a screw. You can choose from a hex-sided bit (pairs well with our TPT), or a sleek round-body version.

Not too big, not too small.

These patented bits are strategically designed to be the same width as a standard US door key. So, no worries about one poking you in the leg.

The torque and grip of the keyring provides a solid gripping area for adjusting loose screws without having to go find a full-sized screwdriver.

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Great for:

- Common screw heads
- Tripod mounts
- Door hinges
- Just about any standard + or – screw that needs some help
- Opening packages/boxes
- Mini pry bar
- Bottle opener (twist & pry to open bottle caps)

2 Versions

- Round Body (6mm center diameter)
- Hex Body (6.3mm, 1/4" hex center diameter)

Both versions feature a #2 Phillips head (most common size) & 6mm flat head. Each one weighs around ¼ the weight of a standard house key, so you don't notice it's there until you need it.

The Hex version had an added bonus of working with standard 1/4" hex openings.


- Heat-Treated, Grade 5 Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) — Pocket bits
- Commercially pure, Grade 2 Titanium — Key rings


- Titanium pocket bit (by itself) : 0.07 oz / 2 grams
- Titanium pocket bit + key ring : 0.148 oz / 4.2 grams
- Standard US house key (for weight comparison purposes only) : 0.275 oz / 7.8 grams

In The News

Gizmag - "...genuinely unobtrusive and and has a wealth of potential uses."

Uncrate - "- the Titanium Pocket Bit makes a versatile addition to your keyring that will be virtually unnoticeable in your pocket."

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Unreasonable Shipping time

As a consumer, I really appreciate the free shipping to Singapore.

But from China to here took an unreasonably long time.

My order was only $16 but the experience with the extended shipping time puts me off any potential future order.

A same really, as I am thinking or ordering a pen as well as a pocket tool.


Parfait pour dépanner !

Titanium Phillips and flat head key ring tool

Brilliant, I use it all the time, it doesn't get in the way with my keys, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

World Class!

Precision engineering and construction equals incredibly functional edc tools.

Génial et compact

Vraiment compact et fonctionnel, ultra léger, et addictif pour jouer avec.

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