Ti Pocket Knife
Ti Pocket Knife
Ti Pocket Knife
Ti Pocket Knife
Ti Pocket Knife

Ti Pocket Knife

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The Ti Pocket Knife is a single screw scale design, frame lock folding knife. It features a S35VN hollow grind blade, grade 5 titanium scales and runs on ceramic ballbearings. It's Inline flipper action gives it a clean look and ease to kick off the blade with a smooth action. It's durable, strong, and lightweight. With it's true deep carry and reversible pocket clip, it makes the perfect EDC knife in your pocket! 


  • Solid Grade 5 Titanium Handle
  • Single Screw Design (Besides the main pivot crew)
  • S35vn Hollow Grind Blade
  • Deep Carry / Reversible Pocket Clip (Grade 4 Titanium)
  • Inline Flipper Action
  • Ceramic Ball bearing
  • Delivery estimate October 2023

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Matt Hoff
Great knife!

I have no complaints with this knife. Action is spot on. Fit and finish, excellent. Pocket clip is perfect. It checks a lot of boxes off and is just a really really great knife.

Evan Pollock
New EDC pocket knife and it's worth every penny!

I've been on the hunt for a solid single blade pocket knife for a hit minute since losing my Kershaw blade a while back and them discontinuing the specific model I really loved. So when I spotted this one, I was stoked to see it a similar narrow profile, simple design, and a FAT blade that already drew me in. The make of the knife is top notch with a titanium handle and a S35VN steel blade. Haven't put it into action quite yet, but already can tell that it'll stand up to whatever I decide to put it through. So far, it's the most handsome knife I own.

3 and a half stars (7 out of 10)

First the positives:
* Top materials (Ti handle, S35VN Blade)
* Great blade, comes very sharp out of the box and slicey due to the flawless hollow grind
* just the right size for EDC
* exceptionally good fit and finish, solid as a rock, absolutely zero blade play, the framelock works perfectly fine

So why not five stars? There are three points that do bother me:
* that might be just me, but the flipper tab is hard to operate for me - yes the way it is placed makes the design flush and nothing protrudes from the knife but i find it hard to use without hurting my finger
* the handle is too bulky and heavy, the ratio handle to blade is not great when compared to two knives of similar "boxy" design and size, the WESN Allman and the WE Banter - both have slimmer and lighter handles with better ergonomics
* and last, the ergonomics - the recess for the framelock basically forces the index finger to go in there, and that is too far away from the blade, basically wasting half an inch of handle length - in comparison on the Allman it is half of that, and the Banter wastes basically no space at all

All in all, not a bad knife, but considering the price, somewhat underwhelming in design (but definitly not in construction).

Cody Robinson
Few Months Down a Lifetime to go

I backed the Kickstarter campaign over the Summer and was ecstatic to find it was shipping a month earlier than initially expected.

Since I’ve gotten my hands on this knife it hasn’t left my EDC and I don’t see it leaving my daily carry for a long time (if ever).

The S35VN blade has held its edge well. I’ve done monthly maintenance on the knife, making sure it stays sharp and adding a small amount of pivot lube to the bearing for smooth operating.

Thanks for making a great quality product!

Sid Bones
A great edc knife

This knife is actually pretty good. Well thought out design. Movement is really good. Deep pocket carry clip is a good idea. The size fits a pouch perfectly or a leather organizer. Highly recommend the Ti knife for any knife fans collections. The blade shape makes for a good box cutter. I should put my thoughts in full on a video for YouTube.

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