Ti Pocket Knife
Ti Pocket Knife
Ti Pocket Knife
Ti Pocket Knife
Ti Pocket Knife

Ti Pocket Knife

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The Ti Pocket Knife is a single screw scale design, frame lock folding knife. It features a S35VN hollow grind blade, grade 5 titanium scales and runs on ceramic ballbearings. It's Inline flipper action gives it a clean look and ease to kick off the blade with a smooth action. It's durable, strong, and lightweight. With it's true deep carry and reversible pocket clip, it makes the perfect EDC knife in your pocket! 


  • Solid Grade 5 Titanium Handle
  • Single Screw Design (Besides the main pivot crew)
  • S35vn Hollow Grind Blade
  • Deep Carry / Reversible Pocket Clip (Grade 4 Titanium)
  • Inline Flipper Action
  • Ceramic Ball bearing
  • Delivery estimate October 2023

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Grant Maginnis
My new go to

Great knife right out of the box. I’ve been looking for a clean and simple design for a while. The action is smooth, material is solid, edge is sharp and clip is deep. Had a small issue which was quickly resolved by customer service. I couldn’t be happier with my new knife.

Sub Par For The Price

Wow does this knife have a lot that can be fixed. I received mine yesterday and was stoked to get it unboxed. Let’s get some things straight tho, I like this knife. I do not love it by any means, and Big Idea is one of my favorite EDC driven companies.

First things first, mine came absolutely loaded with their grease or oil. To the point you couldn’t even hear it close or hit the lock bar, it was just silent. That got me intrigued until I found out what was causing it. (The lube) Also still figuring out the actual quality of this bearing mechanism, it definitely does not operate or sound like any of the others I have.

My BIGGEST con that I have noticed and may just be the only one for some people, is the design of the lock. The design of the scale used to lock the blade causes some opening problems that’s gonna take some getting used to, most likely for everyone who purchases. Like any common flipper you use your index finger to deploy, but to accomplish that, you must apply pressure to the scales to ensure a proper amount of power is excerpted. Except with this knife, where your applying the pressure is exactly where the locking mechanism meets the blade. So it’s almost like the harder you try to open the knife, the harder your putting pressure to just keep it locked. I didn’t notice this until I got pretty frustrated trying to get it opened all in one motion without any wrist movement.

Also, I have no idea who’s idea it was to make the hole in the blade. It’s dramatically decreasing the structural integrity. As well as serves no purpose for single hand use. They left such a thin area on the spine it’s kinda scary, not gonna be long before people complain about their blade snapping or that thin piece bending.

Can’t really say I’m anxious to use this guy, some cons are so big they just outweigh the pros.

Throw a thumb stud on the next gen pls.

Thanks for the feedback John! We'll keep this in mind for future ideas. Feel free to reach out to us at support@bigidesign.com if you ever need anything!

The knife I have wanted for a long time

It is an excellent piece of craftsmanship that easily found its way into my EDC ecosystem. A lightweight, durable and incredibly sharp pocket knife. This might be the last knife I need to buy.

A little rough out of the box but a cool knife overall.

Terrible action when I got it but after disassembly and a thorough cleaning it’s better now. Probably gonna want to swap the bearings if you purchase it because the ones it comes with stock are pretty bad. Other than that I love the look of it and the pocket clip is great.

Jason Archibald