Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen
Dual Side Click Pen

Dual Side Click Pen

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World's first, dual side click and mini dual side click pens are designed to let you have full control over your writing experience. The side click pens auto-adjust both in length and tip size to create a fully custom pen that ticks all the boxes on your list.

Quick Features Overview

  • Patent pending dual side click mechanism
  • Full size accepts 100+ refills w/o any hacks or modifications
  • Auto adjusting collet To minimize tip wiggle
  • Solid metal construction
  • Titanium Damascus pocket clips available as add-ons

Compatible Pens / Refill List

The list is honestly way to long to list here so please see our excel document.




The refills listed below have been tested, are easy to find, and are extremely affordable. We are still ordering and finding more and more refills that work perfectly with our pen. The list is being updated as we find more that fit.


Lifetime Warranty

We're big fans of a lifetime warranty when buying premium items, so every pen comes with that as well. If you ever need anything, we'll be happy to help.

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No red-tape, no run-arounds, just good ol' fashioned service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Paulo Monteiro
Slightly disappointed...

The first items I bought from Big Idea Design were tools, the Ti Screwdriver and the Ti Wrench. I liked a lot of them, the screwdriver in my opinion, with some improvements to do, but overall I liked them and they are articles with good quality. My first pen was the Mini Dual Side Click, again an article that I liked a lot, very resistant and good quality. Recently bought the normal size of Dual Side Click Pen and well, I was a little disappointed. The quality of the material remains, the Titanium is equal to the Mini Dual Side Click, however the finishes left me disappointed, the pocket clip has some slack, moves to the sides very easily, even the screw being tightened at maximum, also came slightly curved. I also noticed that the refill inside the pen is misaligned, it is possible to see on the tip of the pen that the refill is not aligned as it should be. Well, in my opinion, these are small details that escape the standard of quality, and for the price they practice, as a premium items, these defects should not exist. I hope Big Idea Design is not losing quality in their articles.

Fernando Marin
Dual side Click

This is my 3rd pen from Big Idea and I absolutely love it. It is an absolute joy to use. The craftsmanship is top notch!

Thank you so much for your feedback, Fernando! We appreciate your support!

Vincent Zinkus
Best Damn EDC Pen!

Got the double side-click copper for Father's Day. I coupled it with Uniball Impact RT 207 Bold Blue gel refills, cause I really like the way those pens write. I LOVE this thing! It's hefty in the hand, which works great for me. Action is super smooth and satisfying. The Schmidt refill it ships with writes nice, but the Uniball gel (for me) is where it's at. If you like quality writing implements and are looking for an awesome pen that will probably outlive you, get this. Also, it matches my copper scaled Kershaw Leek.

Now, if BigIdea would just make mechanical pencils to match, the world would be complete.

John Hagen
Great pen

I bought the zirconium version which yields a professional business class vibe. The pen has sufficient weight to afford a quality feeling build. Its balances towards the clicker side of the pen but permits typical pen spinning/tricks. It crosses the line perfectly between tactical and functional. The pen does not look like a stabbing tool yet it functions the same as most tactical pens but looks better doing it. Its simple yet effective design expertly adapts to nearly any pen refill. It’s amazing to have such a well designed pen that also takes your favorite G2 refills. Big Idea design really hit a home run with this one!


I have had 3 versions of Big Idea design pens. I have the TI EDC Click, Dual Click and the first pen I got was the TI Pocket PRO. I love the idea to have one pen and just keep changing refills. So far I have had the opportunity to engage all three pens to least one deployment for each. Thems held strong real good. Stuck to the stone wash tho because I didn’t want to even risk getting any extra unnecessary decorations to this. Went thru all the weathers with that stonewash version, no scratches that one. I have gone thru Pentel refills, fisher refills and even them rite in the rain refills, 37R, 47R, and 57R versions fits as long as the accessory cap end is added so it aint too short. Thems i dont think is on the list but i’m all about it. I have purch’d couple of these awesome pens already to use as gifts and they all love it! Worth it!