Bit Bar II
Bit Bar II
Bit Bar II
Bit Bar II
Bit Bar II
Bit Bar II

Bit Bar II

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Perfect For EDC

Carries like a pocket knife with the functionality of a complete screwdriver set. Easily accessible to help tackle daily tasks without having to run back to the toolbox.


Unique Features

  • Solid Grade 5 Titanium

  • Secure Push Button Mechanism

  • Deep Carry Pocket Clip (Grade 4 Titanium)

  • Eight 1/4" Hex Bit Storage

  • Dual Drive Angles

  • 60mm Extension Arm & Leather Sheath Included

Made out of grade 5 TITANIUM:
•Stonewashed Titanium (Ceramic Media Tumbled)
•Battle-Worn Black (DLC Coating)

What's Included
• 1 Bit Bar
• 8 Black Oxide Bits
• 1 60mm Extension
• 1 Leather Case

A pocket-friendly screwdriver

It’s not often that you can say you’ve got a screwdriver and entire bit set tucked away comfortably in your pocket. The Bit Bar™ is a combination bit driver and holder with the ability to conveniently store and access 8 different bits.

In the box, you’ll also get an extension that makes it easier to get into tight spaces. To get at the bits inside, simply push on the exposed bar and the bits will protrude out of the opposite end. Each is held firmly in place by a magnet, so they’ll stay put while in your pocket.

The Bit Bar™ features a full-sized handle, is TSA compliant, and is available in an ultralight fiberglass reinforced nylon, or titanium (stonewashed or battle-worn Black DLC).

USA Patent No.: 10486298

International Patent No.: ZL201730042046.4

The FIBERGLASS REINFORCED NYLON version is discounted.

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No red-tape, no run-arounds, just good ol' fashioned service.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Great EDC Screwdriver, Poor Tolerances

I absolutely love this thing, super handy to have on me throughout the day at work (engineering/machine shop/assembly work). Swapped out a few bits for some that are more useful to me on a daily basis. I am a little bummed at how loose the ¼” hex tolerance is (or maybe the engagement depth is too shallow?). The extension can wobble a solid 3/8" which feels quite sloppy when using it.

Steve B
Works Better Than I Could Have Imagined...

Flawlessly made. Materials are jaw dropping. Sexy as hell. Oh, and it also handles tough jobs without issue, while fitting seamlessly under the seat of my motorcycle.

To anyone reading this, if you've got a bike with limited storage, don't hesitate to buy this and all their other pocket tools. BID tools have mostly replaced my old heavy and cumbersome under-seat tool kit.

Andrew Valenzano
Bit Bar 2

Perfect. Craftsmanship, fit and finish and customer service exceeded my expectations. If you don’t have one…go get one!

Chris Swanson
Impressively Sturdy

It's smooth in the pocket once you easily remove the clip. I'd almost forget it was there if I weren't examining every single screw I pass by to see if I have the opportunity pull it back out of my pocket and put it to use. They could've called it the Fun Bar.

Ben S
Cool tool!

Great small tool for your EDC. Craftsmanship is great in all their products!