Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen
Slim Bolt Action Pen

Slim Bolt Action Pen

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Everything you loved about our Bolt Action Pen, now comes in a slim body profile! These pens are designed to let you have full control over your writing experience. They are internally adjustable to adapt to different shapes and sizes of refills, and a front tip collet to minimize tip wiggle when writing. This creates a fully customizable pen that ticks all the boxes.



  • Slim Pen Body Profile
  • Reversible Deep Carry Pocket Clip
  • Internally Adjustable Mechanism
  • Accepts 100+ Refills w/o Any Hacks or Modifications
  • Auto Adjusting Collet
  • Solid Metal Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Damascus Bolt Free With Every Pen
  • Damascus Clips Available As An Add-On
  • It comes with Schmidt P900 black refill



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Lifetime Warranty


We're big fans of a lifetime warranty when buying premium items, so every pen comes with that as well. If you ever need anything, we'll be happy to help.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Jeffrey Keller 1053
Exactly what I have been looking for✍️

This thing is awesome! I carry it everyday, it takes 100+ Refills and the bolt action is amazing. I finally upgraded to a pen that I enjoy to carry and pull out on the daily. And the Titanium pocket clip has incredible retention so I know it will not be slipping out of my pocket and being lost. 10 out of 10 Bigidesigns!

solid design and cool customization

The pen writes awesome. The overall design is well thought out from the hidden pen tip seam to LH/RH pen clip mounting. I added the timascus clip and bolt screw....for a unique look. My only con is the spring used is too stiff for my liking...extending the ink cartridge is too much I like to fidget.....and my thumb gets tired too quickly. Regardless....I recommend this pen

Solid pen. Issues with leaking using rollerball/gel

I’m not sure how to express my concerns with this pen, but I’ll keep it concise

1. To start, this is a solid pen. All the five star reviews are correct. The pen is machined well and you can use countless refills. Amazing design. Comfy to use.

2. My subjective experience with this pen has been disappointing. To make things short, this pen has leaked in my pocket three times with g2 refill inside. I carried a g2 around for years. Always kept it in my pockets. I NEVER experienced the pen tip being so exposed when retracted into the barrel that it made contact with the fabric in my pockets and leaked. With this pen it has happened 3 times! Each time it happened I felt embarrassed and adjusted the mechanism to raise the refill inside the pen. Yet despite raising it to over 3mm between tip and pen opening, it has continued to happen. Below are pictures of the leak and the point to which I retracted the refill on this final pocket leak compared to a g2. Still works, but less ascetically pleasing and slightly annoying for me to have less of a “point” when writing, also annoying to have to have learned the hard way with three ruined shirts that the refills need to be raised to an extreme on these bolt pens to avoid leaks.

If you plan on keeping this in a pocket (as the clip suggests it’s designed for), you will likely have to retract the refill further into the pen than you would like in order to avoid what happened to me.

Though I will note that I haven’t observed many others with this same issue. So it might just be me. However it sucks that I cannot confidently carry this pen in my pocket anymore as I did for years with other pens that cost significantly less. Had I known this would have been an issue I would have purchased a capped version and avoided the bolt, as pocket carry is very important for me.

TLDR: 5 stars for solid construction. Minus 3 stars for having to raise the refills to be very recessed in order to avoid leaks in pocket. Final rating 2 stars.

Hey there John! Thanks for the feedback! Has this happened with multiple G2 refills? Feel free to reach out to us at and we can help you out! Thanks again!

Caroline Sanderson
Quality & class - this pen does it right (write) !

Note: I initially posted this back in Oct, 2023 but just realised I popped it under the regular bolt action pen section so reposting correctly this time, under the slim bolt action pen category.

So this isn’t the cheapest of pens however it oozes quality, looks awesome in the stonewashed titanium & includes a Damascus bolt which takes it to another level..It is worth the $’s as the quality is there & this pen will last. The fact it has a lifetime warranty is reassuring & these guys really go out of their way to look after their clients. The bolt action is very smooth, it writes well, looks classy, feels good in the hand & is quickly becoming my favourite EDC pen.

Very keen now to try the regular bolt action pen as the slim is great & defs one of my favourite pens but after trying the pocket pro with the thicker tip for more comfortable writing, think I'll end up preferring the regular one.

John Blanton
My favorite pen

This is the only pen I carry now, I love it.